Bringing you some Irish Luck

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A hand-decorated gilded Oyster shell ornament with gold stand.
This design features a girl carrying a basket of Shamrocks- bringing you some Irish Luck.

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Product Description

A hand-decorated Oyster shell ornament.

This design depicts a vintage illustration of a young girl carrying a basket filled with shamrocks.

Shamrocks, three-leaf clovers, hold a special place in Irish folklore and culture. They are widely associated with St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday celebrated on March 17th each year. The girl in the illustration is depicted carrying a basket filled with these green leaves, symbolizing luck, prosperity, and the arrival of spring. The image evokes a sense of joy and optimism and brings good luck where it’s displayed.

The words “Bringing you some Irish Luck” are beneath the illustration.

Displaying this ornament in your home can be a constant reminder of the luck and blessings surrounding you – adding add a touch of Irish charm to your surroundings.

The edge of the shell is hand-painted in gold ink, and the inside of the shell has a special pearl coating that shimmers through the image.

We have provided a golden metal display stand to showcase the Oyster in the best way possible.

All are presented in an attractive eco-friendly gift/retail box with a window for easy viewing of the item. A removable sticker on the box states, “This is genuine Galway Bay Oyster Shell”.

The box interior has eco-friendly paper, which looks attractive and protects the shell from damage. Please note: These are wild natural shells from the west coast of Ireland, and as such, each one is different in size, shape, and markings. The average shell size is 2″ x 3″, with some shorter and others taller; some wider and others narrower.


We believe that every shell has a tale to tell. Our oysters are from the west coast of Ireland, picked from the waters of the world-famous “Galway Bay” part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Shells are genuinely one-of-a-kind gifts because no two are alike. They are tumbled by the wild Atlantic Ocean waves and shaped by the changing seasons, resulting in varying sizes and shapes. We work with what nature has given us. Variations such as; growth marks, ragged edges, chipped backs, and barnacles make each one special.

Every shell is individually picked, cleaned, prepared, hand-painted and decorated by our artists at our studio in Galway, Ireland.

The interior is finished with a smooth white or pearl coating and painted gold edging. The back of the shell is left natural. A clear semi-gloss coat enriches the shell’s colour and texture.

Whether you receive this as a gift or purchase it for yourself as a decoration, a memento of a trip, or for friends or family to mark an occasion or relationship, you are becoming part of this Oyster’s tale.


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