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Our Concept

An Oyster’s Tale

Every shell has a tale to tell.

Our shells are from the west coast of Ireland, picked from the waters of the world-famous “Galway Bay” part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

They are tumbled by ocean waves and shaped by the elements, resulting in varying sizes and shapes. Variations such as; growth marks, ragged edges, chipped backs and barnacles make each one special.

Every shell is individually picked, cleaned, prepared, hand painted and decorated by our artists at our studio in Galway.

Whether you receive one of our pieces as a gift or purchased it for yourself as a decoration, a memento of a trip, or for friends or family to mark an occasion or relationship – you are adding to that Oyster’s tale.

WHAT we do

Create art from natural materials

We work with nature by hand-decorating what nature gives us. We handcraft beautiful home decor items and coastal-inspired gifts.

Our materials are picked from the waters and shores of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Each art piece is a truly one-of-a-kind gift because no two are alike. They are tossed by ocean waves and sculpted by the forces of nature, developing different marks and shapes.

Oyster shell Irish made art

About Us

We are a small business located in Galway, Ireland, specialising in hand-decorated oyster shells. Our unique products are made from shells picked from the stunning Irish coastline. They are carefully decorated and turned into eye-catching works of art. Every oyster shell is unique, and we strive to bring out its natural beauty with the help of our artists.

Our mission is to create authentic and beautiful pieces of art that reflect the beauty of Ireland and provide distinctive and meaningful products to our customers. Our goal is to bring a part of the Atlantic into your home. Our products are perfect gifts for any occasion or to bring a little bit of Ireland into your home.

Every shell has a unique tale to tell; their shape, size, chips and markings all add to their character. They are tumbled by the Oceans, shaped by the seasons and decorated by hand. You are adding to this Oyster’s tale by purchasing or gifting one of these.

We are passionate about our craft and creating beautiful pieces that bring a smile to your face. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

What makes our shells so special

Ways to use our shells

Hanging Ornament

Our Christmas ornament shells come with a double-sided satin ribbon which is discreetly attached to the shell through a small hole. The ribbon is already tied/looped ready for hanging.

Display Ornament

Our shell ornament and stand  can be elegantly displayed on the included gold metal stand, adding a touch of beauty to any space. These ornaments have a pearlescent background, which shimmers in the light and gives another dimension to the piece.

Trinket Dish

Our oyster trinket dishes are the perfect solution to keep your earrings, rings, necklace or spare coins where you can find them. These trinket dishes are not only a practical storage option but also a lovely decorative item.

As a Memento

Our art is purchased by customers through different retailers as souvenirs or mementos to remember a trip or special occasion.These items are cherished possessions that bring back special memories for their owners.

As a gift

By gifting one of our unique oyster shells, you can express how much you care about someone and how special they are to you. This unique item conveys a heartfelt message that serves as a reminder of a cherished memory or significant event.

For the Bride/ Groom

On their wedding day, our gilded oyster shells offer a uniquely special place for the couple to keep and hold their rings. Not only do they provide a beautiful display for the rings, but they also make for a meaningful keepsake long after the wedding day.

Our shells make for beautiful photo props and add an interesting touch to wedding photos.