Wholesale Terms and Conditions

 In General

(As of 20 January 2024. Subject to change)

  • I am not registered for VAT – so I do not charge VAT.
  • Product prices DO NOT include delivery and shipping charges.
  • The minimum order is €150.
  • Each item is hand-made to order and takes time. Please allow at least four weeks to fulfil an order, excluding shipping.
  • Each item is handmade, and variations in finish are to be expected as part of the individual creative process.
  • Pro Forma Invoice. Orders will not be started until payments have cleared.
  • Method of Payment: Bank transfer or Credit Card.
  • International customers are responsible for customs/duty/taxes owed in their own country.
  • Please note that delivery and shipping charges, which are NOT included, can not be calculated until after an order is made. (When you order, I will calculate the delivery cost and issue you a Pro Forma Invoice, including delivery costs).
  • Damage to orders in delivery must be communicated within five days of receiving the order and will be covered by the supplier.
  • All work remains the property of Oyster Tales until invoices are paid in full.

Using this website

Presently I cannot calculate shipping costs as part of the ordering process on this website as there are so many variables.

So the working method is:

  • You choose the items and quantity you want using the website ordering system.
  • Check out as you would normally. The Payment method is pre selected as Invoice.
  • Once I receive the order I will calculate delivery and shipping costs (excluding customs/taxes)  and will issue you a pro forma invoice which includes the shipping costs.
  • When paid, I can proceed to start the order.

A note on the products

Each shell is unique!
Our Oysters are as nature intended. No two are ever the same. Decoration and design placement, shell size and shape will vary.

Every shell is individually picked, cleaned, prepared, and hand-decorated at my studio in Galway, Ireland. They are one-of-a-kind creations, not manufactured in a factory. As a result, they take time and each one will have subtle variations due to the nature of work done by hand and the natural variations in the shape and size of the shells.

We work with what nature has given us. Every shell is distinctive; its shape, size, chips, barnacles, and markings are all natural and tell the story of its life beneath the ocean. It’s what makes them interesting and what gives them character.

These are not toys! As a natural product, some shells may have sharp or ragged edges.

As with all artwork, they should be kept out of direct sunlight.

To clean: Gently wipe with a soft, damp cloth. The decorations are often not suitable for submersion or prolonged contact with liquid. (Ironic, I know). laughing

Our Trinket dishes have a food-safe interior, making them suitable for cold items such as sweets/candies/ nuts and condiments.


Thank you for reading.
I hope you enjoy my looking at my products as much as I enjoy making them.