All seasons are beautiful (Trinket Dish)


An oyster trinket dish with a high gloss/hard-wearing interior.
Available with or without a pearl handle oyster lid.

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Product Description

This hand-decorated oyster shell trinket dish is decorated with a famous verse.

This a beautiful quote by Horace L. Friess, an American author (1900-1975).

All seasons are beautiful
for the person who carries happiness within.

The shell’s interior is coated with a special high-gloss coating, which protects the shell from scrapes and damage and is also food-safe so that it can be used for cold, dry-food dishes such as sweets/candy, nuts, or condiments.

Available with or without an Oyster lid.
Without Oyster Lid: One oyster shell is balanced on the lid of another shell, which acts as its base. The top oyster shell is left uncovered.
With Oyster Lid: This trinket dish has a unique design. An oyster with its lid is balanced on the lid of another shell. The handle of the top oyster lid is a pearl. You lift the lid using the pearl handle to open the dish.

These trinket dishes are not only a practical storage option but also a lovely decorative item.

Please note: Our oyster ring/trinket dishes are individually made to order. Each shell goes through many stages to produce a high-quality product. The final coating alone that protects the interior against damage takes at least two weeks to cure properly. So please allow 3-4 weeks from the order date to produce the finished product. Item will then be dispatched for delivery.

These are wild natural shells from the west coast of Ireland; each one is different in size, shape, and markings. The average shell size is 2″ x 3″, with some shorter and others taller; some wider and others narrower. The artwork is also never the same as each is individually decorated – making them all the more special.


We believe that every shell has a tale to tell. Our oysters are from the west coast of Ireland, picked from the waters of the world-famous “Galway Bay” part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Shells are genuinely one-of-a-kind gifts because no two are alike. They are tumbled by the wild Atlantic Ocean waves and shaped by the changing seasons, resulting in varying sizes and shapes. We work with what nature has given us. Variations such as; growth marks, ragged edges, chipped backs, and barnacles make each one special.

Every shell is individually picked, cleaned, prepared, hand-painted and decorated by our artists at our studio in Galway, Ireland.

Whether you receive this as a gift or purchase it for yourself as a decoration, a memento of a trip, or for friends or family to mark an occasion or relationship, you are becoming part of this Oyster’s tale.


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